Fine Art Destination Boudoir Photography | Florida | Part 3 of 4

©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyContinuing the travel boudoir series, I had the honor of photographing my mother for the second time.  Yes, you heard that right, ^ this gorgeous woman is my mother.  We started off on the same rocks from the first post in this series (if you missed that post click here).

©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyNext we went to New Smyrna Beach, which is a clothing optional beach.  We played in the surf for hours and walked miles up and down the beach.  (Click here for more photos from New Smyrna Beach).

©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyThen, something happened that I was not prepared for.  My mom asked for the camera.  I just laughed at first, but she was persistent.  So I handed her the camera.  The photos she produced actually blew my mind, and I’m now considering hiring her!  Ha ha!

©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max Trombly ©Breathless Boudoir | Jen & Max TromblyTravel boudoir is now something we officially offer at Breathless Boudoir!  We will start in July with a destination boudoir shoot out at Navarre, FL.  Contact me for more information!  These travel sessions will have very limited availability and spots will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Follow our blog (blue button at the bottom) to get immediate updates when we release more information about the beach shoots as well as new blogs.

You can find us on Facebook as well as our website.

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Stay tuned for the last post in this series next week!  The last part takes place somewhere completely different than post 1-3.


6 thoughts on “Fine Art Destination Boudoir Photography | Florida | Part 3 of 4

  1. Absolutely beautiful! That is how the world is supposed to be free, with nature. Wish I could be so bold and free.

    • Biba, you CAN be that bold and free! You’re already such a free spirit. It’s in your heart, you just need to let it spread to your mind. I can help you with that. I would LOVE to photograph you in the wild! I consider you such a dear friend, it would be an honor. ❤

      We still need to work on that Storyville themed shoot as well. =)

  2. You are very gorgeous and I loved taking photos of you. Next time I have more ideas of shots! You (and Max of course) are always welcome to my home and you can bring your friends. I don’t want to get in the way, so if you have a modest client, just say and I won’t go. But I love watching you work and do want to do a session of you and IMax together (fun pics and sweet pics). And also of you and I together. Love you my precious baby girl all grown up.

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