Discovering Femininity – Abridged Version of the Artist Statement

Discovering Femininity

Discovering Femininity marries old notions of beauty from the Renaissance era with modern photography and an antique printing method. Celebrating the curves of women’s bodies, Discovering Femininity showcases the soft, classical beauty of the female form through expressive poses.

My preferred printing method is salt prints because of its timeless qualities. By using a historical process, I feel I am keeping the art of the handmade photograph alive.

Through my work, I have come to love my own body and accept the way it is. This is a feeling I strive to instill in women everywhere and of every age. It is not until we learn to love ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin that we will appreciate who we are, as we are. I am not only looking to redefine beauty, but to reaffirm that we are beautiful.


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